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Nile Harris
Read More about how he continues providing fun, hospitality, great Iowa grown food and entertainment.

The time is now. Hawkeye Care Center Milford is a well-established long-term and skilled nursing center whose focus on residents is legendary.

From the day we opened our doors, we’ve dedicated ourselves to our residents’ complete comfort and care, treating everyone as family. Expect consistent, high quality care from longtime employees in a clean, updated building and a wealth of activities to keep residents’ minds and bodies active.

Next door, Hawkeye Care Center Assisted Living Milford offers contemporary apartments for assisted living. As a combined nursing and assisted living center, our staff is well trained for all levels of care, so transitioning from rehab to home or from assisted living to long-term care is usually smoother and easier.

As a Hawkeye Care Center, we’re part of a phenomenal family of senior care communities with strong, supportive leadership and roots in Iowa that go back more than four decades.

Our core values were created to bring out true happiness, positivity and fun for residents and responsibility, innovation, leadership and trust in employees.

Services created from the heart

24-hour Specialized Nursing Care
Rehab to Home Program with Licensed Therapists
Admission and Social Services
Recreational and Wellness Programs
Restorative Program
Respite Stays

You belong at Hawkeye Care Center.

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“We are the only combined assisted living and nursing care center in Iowa’s Great Lakes resort community.”

Stories from the Heartland

Every resident at a Hawkeye Care Center has a story to tell about his or her journey through life. The person they are today is an evolution of the people they’ve met, and the influences, actions, events, challenges and triumphs they’ve experienced throughout the decades. We are proud to be a part of every resident’s story. And support them in the next chapter of their life.

Nile Harris

While several other Heartland stories revolve around growing the harvest and breeding the stock, Niles spent his life providing fun, hospitality, great Iowa grown food and entertainment to all those hard working Heartland families. Niles is truly an entrepreneur at heart. He grew up in the family business and followed in his father’s footsteps. In the 80’s, he started the Covington Racquet Ball Club later known as 4 Seasons. Next was a hopping Pizza place named Covington Pizza, which housed a double water slide next to it. Niles also rolled into the skating business and owned a local rink as well as a Country Western Club. His popular Supper Club attracted both locals and big name visiting celebrities. Even though his entrepreneurial spirit demanded long days and nights, he did his best to support and be there for his family. Today he reflects on his past and wouldn’t have it any other way. He may still have another big venture up his sleeve.

Tony Anthofer

Tony has been a resident since 2009. His heart is truly embedded in the land and the farm on which he helped cultivate an entire life of joyful memories. His farm, named “The Home Place,” has been in Tony’s family for more than 100 years. Tony loves to tell stories of his six children and beloved wife Thema. From harvesting bails of alfalfa, corn and beans to digging up relics like a Tomahawk, an old whiskey barrel and more, Tony and his family continue to share priceless stories of love and their land. Farming 500 acres today, Tony’s grandson Derek is the 4th generation taking care of the Home Place and will one day hand it down to his young children. That puts a hundred-acre smile on Tony’s face!

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At Hawkeye Care Center Milford, we strive to provide the best possible care for your loved ones. Please feel free to contact us any time with your questions or concerns.

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Phone: 712-338-4742

Opportunities with Hawkeye Care Center Milford

We are always happy to hear from talented individuals wanting to become part of Hawkeye Care Center Milfords’s staff. If caring comes naturally, we want to hear from you.

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